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JRock Quizzes, Memes, and Color Bars

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intro from a lurker [Mar. 4th, 2007|08:31 am]
JRock Quizzes, Memes, and Color Bars
Name: (Name or nickname)Tara or Britty
Age: 18
Location: Tennessee
Martial Status: single
Home Page URL: my lj XDD i dont think i need to post the link
Favorite Anime: i dont watch anime
Favorite Manga: i dont read manga
Favorite Anime Magazine(s): wait... this is j-rock quizzes, right?
Favorite Cosplay: i want to see more cosplays of people other than dir en grey, gazette, and malice mizer
Recent Purchases: nothing recent.
Favorite Soundtracks/Bands: 176BIZ, panic channel, syndrome, phantasmagoria, and too many others D:
Cons Attended: MTAC 6th period
Favorite Anime Link: D: D: why are all these questions about anime ;;
Other: i think my favorite food is eel sashimi XD
Favorite Live Action/Asian Cinema: i dont watch movies
Do you make quizzes, memes, or colorbars?: i make occasional quizzes... i dont make colorbars, but i make other banners and a lot of icons.